Candy Crush Friends Saga v1.78.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives/Moves) Download

Designer King’s colorful and fun world once again opens a new door for players. Candy Crush Friends Saga. Players will find more intimate and characteristic elements of this series. They will also be supported by familiar teammates at normal levels and at various events. So do not miss any event, because new skins are waiting for you.


If you have played Candy Crush before, you will enjoy the Candy Crush Friends Saga experience. It shares a background with the original Candy Crush game and captures the fun and beauty that this world has to offer. At the same time, players will be able to go to the characters with colorful environments and pleasant shapes. It can be said that the atmosphere in the game will ultimately make players want to explore. One of the unique things that players can recognize in this game is the characters. These characters are no longer characters looking at your screen and having certain expressions when you complete a level. In particular, they will be a highly effective companion and will help you solve some difficult problems on the game screen. But you will spend time exploring this game to find more characters.


When it comes to Candy Crush Friends Saga, of course, you won’t miss the design interface and the unique three compatibility. Players will match at least three candies of the same type to destroy them and earn a certain number of points. In addition, in some cases, this loss causes some damage to the place where they disappeared. Thus, it will be a solution for players to pass some levels within this game. Like many other three games on the market, there will always be requirements that players must meet at each level of this game. These goals are completely different and depend on each level, for example, finding octopus-shaped candies. At the same time, since the number of moves in this game is always limited, you need to think about how much you can adapt. These two conditions pose a problem for other players. Despite the difficulty of the level, really anyone can easily interact with these elements. There will always be special textbooks when you come across a new element, and you can get used to it immediately. So, your job is to complete what is in this game and get special results at each level. The difficulty will always be more complicated, and sometimes you will be stuck on one level for a long time.


As mentioned above, the characters you see in the Candy Crush Friends Saga are observers and people who support you at various levels. Each character will have its own characteristics, and you will be able to find them as you go through many levels of this game. At the same time, the supporting element of the characters is always the skills they have, and if they meet a certain condition, they will be able to be added to the field. You will see the situation near the character and it is usually the number of candies you have to collect in the game. When you encounter enough sweets, the character will automatically use the skill, and each skill is useful in this game. For example, a character in the game can turn red candies into fish-shaped candies and fly to a certain place to destroy the element. It can be said that the symbols will affect candies of the same color as the candy you need to collect.


Players will experience the Candy Crush Friends Saga in a variety of ways, and there will always be interesting elements. Like many other games in the series, players will go through many levels with challenging goals. In addition, the number of levels is amazing and you will spend a lot of time to complete them. There will be many new events at which you can participate to receive interesting prizes at certain intervals. Event problems will always focus on playing three matches and they will happen over a period of time. Players will reach the goals of the ongoing event. For example, there is an event called Sunny Tales that will give you a task every day and you will try to complete it. Each level and challenge is both rich and different, such as dropping an octopus or collecting enough jam. An additional prize awaits you at each event.