Candy Crush Friends MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Candy Crush Friends is a new game in the Candy Crush franchise that uses the same popular game that casual gamers everywhere love. More suitable jelly, chewing gum and other sweets to create colorful and fun explosions.

The first version of the Candy Crush Friends program (which we tested to write this review) has just over 70 levels, where you have to adapt all sorts of jelebeans. The goal of each round is, as always, to get three stars, and to do this you need to crush tons of candy using as little movement as possible.

On a visual level, Candy Crush Friends has the same aesthetics that makes Candy Crush Saga players very happy, but with many effects and improved graphics. Simple, beautiful and colorful designs – very traditional in this saga – are added 3D elements such as special jellybeans or characters to help you on tours.

Candy Crush Friends is a fun game that does not offer anything new or original, but it keeps players interested with a simple and easy-to-learn game. It seems that crushed candy never goes out of style.