Bubble Pop Mania 1.1.1 – Download for Android APK Free

Bubble Pop Mania a a simple 2D match-3 puzzle game in the style of other games of this popular genre, such as the mythical Puzzle Bobble. As always, our mission is to launch colored bubbles, match three of the same color and clear the board completely.

Relaxing and satisfying colorful puzzles

As expected, the gameplay is similar to other games of the genre. We have a launcher at the bottom of the screen from where we need it throw colored balls to the upper area to form groups of three or larger. The launcher can hold two bubbles to choose from when firing.

You must reach at least one star to advance to the next level. However, we can get up to three stars in any level. When we have a certain number of stars, we will receive a special item. It also includes downloading the APK file custom avatarsstats screen and fun boosters.

Match, tap and shoot bubbles of the same color to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and complete challenges!

In short, this is a good game that can keep you entertained during those hours when you feel like you have nothing to do. However, it’s a simple game with nothing really new to offer and lacks the charm of other games of the same genre. So if you are looking for a stress-free hobbylook no further.