Braindom for Android – Download the APK from Uptodown

Braindom is an app for keeping your brain sharp by testing it with logic puzzles, games, and quizzes that require you to think outside the box.

Braindom has a large selection of tests, each one more challenging than the last. And while this is a great way to exercise your brain, you’ll barely notice the effort these puzzles require because you’ll have so much fun doing it.

Take your pick between trivia, word games, math problems, or puzzles. Likewise, the controls are incredibly simple and intuitive (all you have to do is tap the screen or move objects). But the real key to overcoming the puzzles is focusing on the details, no matter how small they might seem. Every part of the puzzle (including images and sounds) could be the missing link.

For these reasons, Braindom is a great game for improving your lateral thinking. No matter how long you play, you can wipe those cobwebs from your brain, all while having tons of fun as you try to solve these puzzles.