Brain Story Love MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Brain Story Love is a puzzle game where players have to solve different levels by removing different women’s clothes, drawing objects to complete the image, or scanning scenes to find hidden objects in a woman’s body. In most cases, you have to create a shameful situation from a misogynistic point of view that makes women simply the object of sexual desire.

The way Brain Story Love works is always the same: at each level you find a kind of puzzle (if you can call it that) where you are required to find a number of objects and solve the situation, or draw something into it. to take off a scene, costume, or “scan” one of the characters. The situations you encounter are: “take off that girl’s shirt”, “make her unbutton”, “bring the sun closer to the woman to take off her dress” and so on.

While the game mechanics are fun at first, it’s important to note that almost every level is designed to be rude and erotic (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but it results in a sad reduction in the objects women desire. Stories that normalize sexual harassment and assault are not only normalized, but also considered entertaining, and this is a really exciting aspect of the game.

Brain Story Love is a “puzzle” game full of harmful stories that makes it difficult to recommend to a more critical audience, despite being an entertaining mechanic.