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Play the Best Puzzle Collection Game, PUZZLE GLOW

PUZZLE GLOW is a collection of the best puzzle games consisting of shapes, lines, colors, numbers or symbols that are easy to learn and fun to master. You can improve your problem-solving skills, including logic, pattern recognition, or sequential solving. You can also enjoy thought-provoking fun with addictive puzzle games. Solve some puzzles and increase your brain and level with your favorite games.

Train and train your brain like a mind game and improve your creativity by solving each puzzle. You have to set a strategy in some difficult puzzles and conquer them. One day you will become a master of riddles. JUDGE WITH PUZZLE!

Are you ready? Now let’s download and play a classic puzzle game!

• We present simple but innovative puzzles!
• Play fast and random games with kids and family!
• Enjoy clean and simple graphics with glitter effects!
• Dive deep into the collection of the best puzzles for digital board games!
• Enjoy complete with unique level design!
• Experience a highly optimized gaming experience!
• Support mobile phones and tablets as a universal application.
• No WI-FI, Offline game! Enjoy the game everywhere!
• No time limit! Play long enough!
• Highest rated games! Many people like PUZZLE GLOW!

PUZZLE GLOW Includes puzzle games as follows:

• Move the block to fill the maze.
• Different obstacles make the game more fun.
• Go through 900 stages!

• Draw a glow line to connect lamps of the same color.
• Connect all points on the board. In other words, fill in all the fields.
• Go through 900 stages!

• Draw a line on the given figures (pictures).
• Fill the entire board with just one line.
• Go through 900 stages!

• Move the blocks and connect the wires between the lamps.
• When all wires are connected, the lamps light up.
• Go through 900 stages!

Square Block
• This hexa block is another fun game.
• Drag the square blocks and place them on the board.
• Fill in all fields.
• Go through 900 stages!

• Drag the hexagonal blocks and place them on the board.
• Fill in all fields.
• Go through 900 stages!

• Draw a line on the given figures (pictures).
• Connect all points with one touch (line / stroke).
• Go through 450 stages!

• In addition to the puzzle games listed above, there are more games available.
• We will constantly add new puzzle games.

• This is Collection content you have never seen before!
• What happens at night in many lands?
• Turn on the lights to start NIGHTFEST!

• PUZZLE GLOW contains ads that include banner, instestational and video ads.
• PUZZLE GLOW sells in-app products such as tips, gems or FREE ADVERTISING.
• PUZZLE GLOW requires some permissions to optimize the game and integrate some services.
– View network access and connections, retrieve information from the Internet, Memory, Images / Media / Files, Sleep Prevention, Vibration Control, etc.