Bounce Ball Adventure for Android

Bounce Ball Adventure is a platform game where your mission is to help the ball complete it to the end of each level. To do this, you will have to avoid all obstacles while moving some elements and collecting all the coins scattered along the way.

The controls to move this animated sphere are simple. All you need to do to get the ball through each area of ​​the course is to touch the left and right arrows. So you can move forward at any level as you wish. He said that you too will always have to pay attention to the enemies and pay attention to them; You will come across boxes and other elements that will try to stop you on your way.

In Bounce Ball Adventure, you will also have a jump button that you can use to reach higher places in each setting. You’ll even be able to move special boxes and get special skins to help you navigate more complex areas. Plus, on some levels, you’ll even find special elements like magnets that will be extra useful by helping you attract all the coins to your ball.

Bounce Ball Adventure will test your skills as you try to help this ball escape tons of different levels. You will have to overcome each obstacle while collecting all the coins to collect the highest possible points.