Boom Karts – Multiplayer Racing v1.19.0 MOD APK (Menu/Game speed multiplier/Unlocked all cars ) Download

Racing is a very popular sport with a number of fans that can reach hundreds of millions of people around the world. The number of riders is not small and many want to become racers. Many competitions are held every year to attract a large number of fans and riders. Not only is it popular, but the race is also an endless source of inspiration for game developers to create games from there. The racing genre is that it has existed for a long time and is divided into many different branches for players to practice. This is a category that is most different from other types of Kart Racing, an interesting racing genre. Derived from a popular name like Mario Kart, this series has many new games so far. One of the latest games was released not long ago, but many users choose to play it Boom Karts. This game inherited the best and added some improvements to make the game even better.
Boom Karts - Multiplayer Card Race


In the past, players played with AI or a few friends to share their experiences. But for this game, all the players in the game are real people, all of them will compete with the Cards to win. It will be harder to compete against players compared to NPCs controlled by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence does not have the ability to think and adapt as a human being to manage every situation, but people can do it. Thus, it will be much more difficult to compete with other players, but it will raise the competitiveness of the game to the highest possible level. If it’s too easy, the game will be boring, but the harder it is, the happier the more players will conquer it. So, despite many challenges and difficulties, the game still attracts many players to the game.
Boom Karts - Multiplayer Card Race


When it comes to players in this game, it is not enough to gain skill. Players must have small tricks and special tools to be first. In special areas of the game, certain places will be equipped with boxes with items for players to use. Players can pick them up at random when they touch a wooden box. Things that players will take like a bomb to be able to change players explode and you will rise. Soap, players can roll these items on the racetrack and crash to touch the opponent. All these elements can give players many advantages that you can take advantage of and become the best player. However, if a player can attack an opponent, the opposite is true, as the opponent can attack to eliminate you. Players need to know how to avoid the opponent’s attacks in order to beat the opponent.
Boom Karts - Multiplayer Card Race


The car can’t move, so you have to be a racer to be able to drive the car. The first thing a player needs to do to participate in the race is to create a character. Players come into the game; you can choose the model you want to start the game. Players can customize skin color, costumes, hairstyles and much more to get the person they want. With just a few simple touches and swipes, you can get your favorite character.


Cards are the soul of this whole series of games for players to practice. There are many different cars that players can use and take you to the finish line. Initially, the game only gives players standard cards to compete with. However, players can earn more money to unlock more cars. To unlock new cars, players must meet certain conditions offered by the game. Even if it takes a long time to do this, it will be worth it if you have a good car.
Boom Karts - Multiplayer Card Race


To be faster, the game allowed players to upgrade their vehicles. Players will use the money they earn to upgrade and strengthen cars. In addition, the game allows you to personalize the look of the car to make it unique at the same time.