Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

Welcome to the playground of the toy factory, where scary monsters and bad toys are waiting for you.
And someone is waiting for you … Let’s learn secrets together while having a terrible, happy time!

This game is the next level of Blue Monster Escape, an escape game from horror from Fgame studio.

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 Pinky Monster, Toy Monster, Mother Monster Long Legs, Spider Long Legs, Daddy Long Legs will bring you the word

Mother Long Legs, otherwise known as Experiment 1222 or Marie (real name) in the transfer request, Playtime Co. is a toy produced by. It debuted in Chapter 2: For the Internet.

Don’t lie to you about the Long-Legged Spider Poppy, it will present itself with a warm and hospitable front to encourage you to participate in its games, but this facade has diminished very quickly because it threatens you with death and death. If you refuse to offer at his command, you will eat his insides

Come play this puzzle survival game where you can try to escape various dangers. Be the one to enjoy Blue Monster Escape time by meeting Hogie Waggy, Pissy, Spider Mommy Long Legs, Long Legs and Scary Freddyy Teddy Bear.

💪💪💪 How to play:

In the same game with Blue Monster Escape, In Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2you must:
– Try to find GrabPack tool hands – a wearable backpack with two prosthetic hands with hooks and more weapons to have more chances to survive.
– Run, Catch, Run Long-Legged Spider Poppy, It eats rotting animals and plants, aphids, caterpillars, flies, snails, fungi and insects, even humans 😭😭😭
– Don’t let these monsters catch you, Long-Legged Mother Spider Poppy, Blue Wolf, Pinky Monster, Hogie and Waggy will find out where you are and when you will be found.

😱😱😱 Game Features:

– High quality graphics and sound
– Gradually increases the difficulty of the escape route
– In Chapter 2, Try to Hear the Last Scream as Your Belly Is Crushed by Your Mother’s Long Legs: Fly Online

Are you a fan of Horror Games Blue Monster? Let’s Hide and Seek with My Mom’s Long Feet, My Dad’s Long Feet, Blue Monster and Pinky Monster Escape from the Blue Monster: Chapter 2 Now !!!