Blood Pressure Diary 0.1.17 – Download for Android APK Free

Having to measure your blood pressure is often difficult, but it is more difficult to write down the results. However, if you can Write the information to your mobile phone? Not only will it be faster, but you’ll always have the information at hand, and you’ll get it when you download the APK file of this app … among other surprises.

Information about your blood pressure is always at your fingertips

Blood pressure diary As the name suggests, it is a simple and beautiful program a digital diary to record your blood pressure on your mobile phone. That is, you can record data, but not to measure blood pressure (a modest phone is not able to do this).

You can easily record and monitor systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as your pulse, by simply sliding your finger.

To use this tool, it is enough to write systolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure and pulse in the main menu. You can Add labels, dates and notesand indicate the position or arm where you measured your blood pressure.

You can do this after entering the information Take a look at whether your blood pressure is normal or through a very intuitive color code. And that’s not all: the system analyzes data and suggestions easy-to-understand statistics and graphs. You can even export the data in CSV format.

In short, this tool is distinguished by its simplicity and beautiful and elegant interface. On top of that a lot useful, convenient and completely free.