Blokada 5.18.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Android users have become increasingly concerned about privacy and intimacy due to various information leaks and privacy breaches that have emerged in the news some time ago. This is why there are more and more programs that guarantee our rights in our online activities.

One of the best ad blockers for Android

Ad blockers can help us Keep our online activities secret, not only to get rid of invasive ads, but also to stop viewers and malware from spreading, usually through unethical advertisers. If you want to download an effective adblocker for Android, you have to give Blockade chance

Extra security level for your personal information.

According to its developers, he Blocks ads, tracking and malware, maintains our data plan and protects our privacy. And the truth is that it not only covers our online activities in our regular browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera …), but also pays attention to our installed applications, whether connected to a WiFi network or a data connection.

Download the APK Blockade is currently open source software and make the most of the secure browsing experience without tuning your device.

Updates on the latest version

  • Garden solutions and a new block list.