Block Puzzle New MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

If you are a Tetris enthusiast ready for a new challenge, try the new Block Puzzle New game and see how many levels you can pass! Adapt thousands of pieces to hundreds of levels in this game, or try endless games that you can play at your own pace.

In this adventure, your mission is to bring all the parts of the game together and collect the highest possible score. Just select one of the three different parts at the bottom of the screen and find the best place to fit it among the other pieces. There are no time limits or obstacles, and players are free to place parts of the game anywhere on the board. However, be sure to create as few holes as possible to make it easier to fill and remove columns or rows.

Complete any row or column anywhere to eliminate all blocks on the board, or fill multiple rows or columns to earn more points! Not only that, but Block Puzzle New has a multi-level story mode, each of which you have to beat with a certain point. This game mode has exactly the same game as the regular game mode, but this time your mission is to eliminate as many lines or sequences as possible to complete the objectives.

Enjoy this fun Tetris game and test your amazing skills in each of its fun levels!