BLEACH Brave Souls 13.10.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Bleach is a very popular manga and anime, even outside of Japan. It was first edited in 2001 and has now entered the world of video games under various names. This is one of them Whiten the Brave Spirits.

This story begins when Ichigo and Rukia meet each other

The game is inspired by the original works of Tike Kubo Characters like Ichigo or Rukia and in fact the story goes back to when they met each other. You will have to control Ichigo, who fights against various enemies and spirits who will try to kill him.

The game comes with graphics that faithfully try to recreate all the best manga scenarios and offers us the following features:

  • 3D graphics and simple controls.
  • Special and unique actions for each character.
  • Combine the symbols into three groups to mix their powers.
  • Compete with other players in online weekly battles.
  • Develop your character as you gain experience.