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Carrom is a popular board game in India. The game is played on a square wooden board with pockets and various chips. As in billiards, one player has to put one color chips in white pockets and the other player has to put other colored chips in black pockets. In addition, there is a piece of red queen, which can be compared with the black ball in billiards. However, in this game it is used to play a striker instead of a replica.

Improve as a Carrom player and predict actions

It’s not an easy game, so it’s like an application bitAIM can be useful for learning and improving. This application Artificial Intelligence tool to play carrom This gives an accurate prediction of the movement and collision of the pieces according to the board and the player’s stroke.

The application will show you different boards with different assumptions of the most common actions. Then, using the screenshot, You can use image recognition techniques to simulate future shooting before playing. Of course, the developers warn that this is a program for training purposes only and should not be used for large competitions.