Bird Sort 1.1.2 – Download for Android APK Free

A variety of birds a relaxing puzzle game with beautiful 2D graphics. Your task is to arrange the birds on the branches of the trees according to their species.

You only need one finger to play. All you need to do is tap on the bird you want to transfer and the destination branch; Taking into account each branch can hold only four birds and you cannot transfer the first bird to a branch of a bird of another species.

A refreshing full-color experience

Mechanics are difficult, although you can always apply boosters to add branches, cancel moves, or advance to the next level. The APK file download includes two game modes (classic and challenge) and different backgrounds, branch designs and bird collections that you can unlock with your earnings.

Organize the birds with as little movement as possible!

Technically, it’s nothing to write home about, but it has soft and relaxing melodies and beautiful, neat and colorful graphics. In addition to, every bird makes its own sounda detail that can be overlooked but adds fantastic richness to the whole experience.