Biggest Mega Ramp Jump for Android

Biggest Mega Ramp Jump is a fun and dangerously addictive game in which you have to drive off a ramp at full speed in order to fly into a platform and cause as much damage as possible.

Your mission in Biggest Mega Ramp Jump is clear: cause damage. To do so you must drive at full speed off a ramp and slam into a platform filled with all kinds of vehicles, and if you’re lucky, destroy them. There are a great deal of challenges on the ramp that you have to overcome without losing speed, or you’ll never make it to the platform. On top of that, the entire thing is suspended in the air, so one false move and you’ll fall to your doom.

Gameplay in Biggest Mega Ramp Jump is simple. There are a few simple controls on the screen that let you drive just like in a real car. With the steering wheel you can change the direction of the vehicle, and the pedals let you accelerate and brake. With the right combination of these controls, you’ll break all records.

Biggest Mega Ramp Jump has dozens of levels of increasing difficulty. Buckle your seatbelt and beat them all!