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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode will be where you feel Disney and Pixar heroes fighting for peace and justice.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an exciting RPG game set in a digital world. You will transform into famous hero characters from Disney and Pixar and join them in dangerous battles to take advantage of human life. Like other role-playing games, the game plays a familiar game in every challenge. If you are a fan of this genre, this will be an option you should consider.


Disney Heroes is a mysterious new RPG set in a giant digital city. This place is in danger when it is threatened by evil forces that use a harmful virus to destroy life. The game offers you famous heroes from different places like Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, The Lion King and many more. In the game, you will play an important role in controlling and collecting heroes with great power, fighting with them against countless evil enemies. In addition, to give you a variety of gameplay, the game also gives a huge power to many villains that require you to develop reasonable strategy and practical skills to save the world.


Disney Heroes also fully supports you through various factors to help you play an engaging game. The first thing you need to do is collect and fight over 100 different Disney and Pixar heroes. Then build your smartest, strongest team to boost your confidence and make sure victory is within reach. In addition, you can diversify many parties with different advantages, customized in each match. Equip your characters with valuable items such as armor, weapons, and swords to increase their power. Each hero will be divided into three levels corresponding to three stars. If you collect enough chips for each character, the game will automatically level up that character. At the same time, your hero will gain more features to fight against more formidable opponents.


The game also offers many rich modes. For example, in Normal mode you will quickly destroy an item and collect gold coins and accumulated points. Even more advanced is the Elite mode, where you have to fight against a lot of huge enemies, which requires you to be careful and watchful. Or Friends mode, you will team up with other players to complete tasks quickly. Arena mode with dramatic PvP arenas and countless attractive rewards.


Disney Heroes succeeds due to its interesting content and harmonious visual effects and sound quality. The game has beautiful 2D graphics, character images and other details are depicted quite realistically. In addition, the excellent quality is also undisputed and plays an important role in creating special entertainment through really funny tunes.

Disney Heroes is the perfect place to relive your childhood memories while interacting with familiar characters that have a strong connection to each individual’s childhood. The game has an engaging tactical gameplay element as well as numerous outstanding special features that are guaranteed to give you an unbeatable experience.