Basket Battle 0.6.2 – Download for Android APK Free

The developers of Supersonic Studios offer another addictive game with a very simple proposal. This time they invite you to download the APK file and participate in some of them pretty different and crazy basketball games.

Fly to the basket

Basket Wars a Basketball simulator with some funny minimalist 3D graphics. You don’t just play basketball: you have to hit the ball while fighting an opponent in disrespectful 1v1 matches.

Throw the ball to play and choose a trajectory to watch like a slingshot. Once the ball is activated, you will touch the screen to teleport your character to where they are Continue the game in the air.

Shoot to prevent the opponent from scoring.

To win, you must earn three points before the opponent. The fun is in it players can attack each other with the ball to knock out another for a few seconds.

All this is very simple, but very entertaining and dynamic game. In addition, you can boast of an interesting physics system and some very funny character designs. The downside is that if you play without an internet connection, there are a few ads that you can avoid.