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Have fun with this incredibly addictive platform game!

Years pass and new games continue to appear with great graphics and different game types, but there is one type of game that remains as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. These are platform games that make it very easy to spend hours and hours trying to beat levels of increasing difficulty… and fun!

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Platform games are characterized by having one of the easiest learning curves imaginable, and they fulfill one of the requirements that every game should have. For games to be successful, it’s important that they’re easy to learn but hard to master, and that’s exactly the case with platformers, where it only takes a few seconds to learn how to control the main character and everything that follows. All you have to do is make it through all the levels you will find along the way.

What is Banana Kong? – Banana Kong APK unlimited bananas

Banana Kong is a fairly new platform game, but you need to take all the elements that made the great classic platform games such as Sonic APK or Super Mario Bros APK successful. In fact, you can see that its developers took quite a bit of inspiration from Nintendo, as the game is called Banana Kong, which is definitely reminiscent of the legendary Donkey Kong game. But this time the game is more dynamic and has better graphics!

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The objective of the game is quite simple and is to side scroll through different levels, jump on different platforms and collect all the bananas you find on the way. To do this, you’ll be able to run, jump, roll or swing with Banana Kong, making your possible moves much wider than in other games! Moreover, its engine is really dynamic, which will allow you to play different levels at an incredible speed, which will keep you glued to your smartphone for hours.

Cool 2D graphics! – Download Banana Kong APK unlimited hearts

In the graphics section, you will find two-dimensional graphics typical of platform games, but this time, not really retro graphics. The game’s graphics are made using a vector system that allows them to always look stylized on any screen and look really great on large tablet screens. That’s why Banana Kong is one of the best platform games you’ll find in 2022!

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Now you’ll also be able to save your game to the cloud so you can continue on any other device, reduce download times, and even have the ability to ride animals in some levels. And we must add that the second part of the game Banana Kong 2 has already been published! What are you waiting for to dive into the Banana Kong universe and explore one of the most popular platform games for Android?

Features – Banana Kong APK Mod Latest Version

  • Classic platform game. In this platform game, you will have to overcome a whole series of levels controlling a gorilla that can move in different ways and even ride animals.
  • Inspired by Donkey Kong. The game is based on the mythical Nintendo Donkey Kong, although it incorporates many new elements that make it even more fun and have better graphics quality.
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  • 2D graphics. Banana Kong’s graphics are 2D, but completely stylized thanks to the vector system, so you can enjoy the game in excellent quality on any device.
  • Dozens of levels. You have tons of levels to complete in this game and each level can be quite long if you want to complete all the objectives. If the game is short for you, you can also download Banana Kong 2!

Banana Kong APK Mod Free Download Latest Version for Android

Have fun collecting bananas and avoiding obstacles with the new Banana Kong, the definitive platform game for Android that will have you having fun like never before!

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