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Defend your island against Viking hordes attacking it from the sea!

Viking raids in the Middle Ages have given birth to many different stories and video games like Vikings: Clan War APK or The Last Vikings APK. This is a topic that is always interesting because the Vikings had an incredible way of attacking other populations using their ships and all kinds of war resources of the time. The use of bows and other ranged weapons is very popular in these games, and that’s why today we bring you one of the best Viking games you can find to keep you entertained with this popular theme.

bad north apk free download for android

In Bad North, you will not be on the side of the invaders, but on the side of those who resist the siege, which makes the game completely different from others. So, this is a resistance and defense tactics game that has some elements of tower games, but it is basically a tactical heist game where you have to command your troops in a complete defense strategy that allows you to protect yourself from army attacks. invaders. Will you be able to survive the attacks of the Vikings?

What is the Bad North? – Download Bad North APK Spanish

This game is one of the most popular Viking video games of recent years, as it contains all the features of strategy and tactics perfectly combined with excellent graphics. In Bad North, you’ll be tasked with defending an island in the middle of the ocean, which has somehow become the target of a Viking tribe dedicated to invasion and plunder. Therefore, it is important that you prepare your defenses to repel the invaders. But these vikings will not be easy for you!

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To begin with, you will most likely be attacked by a larger number of troops. This means that you will be at a numerical disadvantage, so you will have to make very good tactical use of your troops to win. But there’s one element you don’t have in your favor: land. The characteristics of your islands can work in favor of your defense system, and you can build obstacles that the Vikings will have a very hard time trying to defeat you. Especially if you have cliffs!

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In the Vikings’ favor will be their mobility thanks to their ships, the virulence of their troops, and their ability to adapt to your defensive tactics as you build them. This is a really interesting game where you have to react to your opponent’s changes in real time and make the most of your resources if you want to win.

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Bad North is particularly popular thanks to another feature not many other games have: its procedurally generated maps. So you won’t find yourself playing the same map over and over again, but you can enjoy each new game on a new and completely unique map created by your smartphone!

Features – Bad North APK Free Download for Android

  • Defend your island from the vikings. The main objective of Bad North is to protect your island from the attack of various Viking hordes who are willing to do whatever it takes to conquer it. Will you be able to keep them out?
  • Maps generated with each game. Each new game will place you on a different procedurally generated map, so you’ll never encounter the same map twice. It’s almost unlimited gameplay!
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  • Simple and well designed graphics. The graphics of this game are simple but perfectly designed to captivate you. Thanks to its simplicity, you will be able to enjoy this game even on smartphones with the worst specifications.
  • Upgrade your bases to win. Tactics are important, but not enough to win this game. You will need to develop your bases and improve your defense systems to be able to face the attacks of the Vikings.

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Defend your islands against Viking attacks with Bad North, one of the best naval combat games you’ll find for your smartphone!

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