Baby Panda: Dental Care MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Dental Care is a children’s game that will allow your young children to have a lot of fun while being a dentist and caring for their favorite baby animals. If you are looking for a good option to entertain your children, this game will help them learn about dental hygiene through fun mini-games with colorful animals.

One of the great things about dental care is that the actions required are simple and straightforward. This means that even if the child does not know how to play, the game gives you small hints that will help you move forward without problems. At the beginning of the game you start in the waiting room where you will choose your first patient. After selecting your patient, you can start a consultation.

In this fun casual game, you have to help babies solve their dental problems. Look at their mouths and find the right solution in each situation. Brush your teeth, spray water in your mouth, brush your teeth, wear braces, etc. There are millions of interesting cases with every tool you can use to put an end to the bacteria living in the mouths of these animals.

Complete all dental treatments on these baby animals and have a great time treating your little ones like a dentist. Have fun with your children, sisters, brothers and grandchildren while teaching them dental hygiene with these mini-dental games.