Baby Manor APK v1.35.0 + MOD (Unlimited Milk Bottle) –

?? Welcome to Baby Manor! Baby Manor is an exciting FREE offline game that is perfect for all parents or those planning to have a child or fans of home and garden design! Help the inexperienced Bobby raise his baby and renovate and design the old mansion to get his father-in-law’s approval! The story of a new mansion renovation is waiting for you! ??

Bobby’s father-in-law doesn’t look like Bobby, and stewardess Sarah has to leave home from time to time to go to work. Can Bobby design his new home before his father-in-law arrives? Can he be a qualified father who can take care of the child on his own? He needs your help. ??

Help an inexperienced father take care of the baby and build a warm and perfect home !? Bobby took his wife, Sarah, and their baby to an old house abandoned by his grandmother. He hoped that his son would have a happy and carefree childhood where he grew up. There are many memories in this house. Let’s explore together! ???

Discover an interesting story while playing, get to know the live characters and join their exciting life! Well-designed puzzles, colorful and different amplifiers, 3-level match with tones, at Baby Manor, you will never miss !?


Help Bobby become a skilled father; The baby role will appear on the levels and will accompany you as you pass!
Help an inexperienced father take care of the baby; A difficult child-rearing project is waiting for you.

Apply makeup for the baby in a warm mansion;
Dress the baby by playing Match 3 riddle.
Apply makeup for a well-designed home mansion;
Repair the mansion using glass.

Design an old house and decorate it as you wish! All the mansion renovation needs are waiting for you!
Choose decorating styles to design your house! Update your library, kitchen, garden and more!
Renovate and design your manor and turn it into the most beautiful house.

Match baby items and solve 3 puzzle levels that create hundreds of addictions ;?

Addictive and enjoyable game?
Enjoy the plot twists in the story and collect puzzles at the mansion;
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