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Download Avast Antivirus Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) to clean junk files, remove viruses from your Android devices with just one click.

If you don’t want to be one of the unfortunate victims, you need to prevent these threats before they happen, and Avast Antivirus is the tool to solve this problem. According to statistics, the application has more than 100,000,000 active users. You probably won’t want to miss it!

No need to worry about viruses anymore

With Avast Antivirus, malware or viruses that hackers add to some websites will not be able to penetrate your device. It creates a robust firewall that blocks and removes threats that can cause trouble to your phones. From there, you can safely browse content on the web and even in other apps already installed on your phone.

Speed ​​up your phone

Junk files fill the memory and cause the device to run out of memory space as part of the slowdown. The main reason is that RAM and ROM take up a lot of space. They take on the role of reading and writing data for applications to function, so if data cannot be read and written, it will cause crashes or lags.

In most cases, apps still have data in RAM (aka hidden tasks) when you exit, so if you want your device to run faster, you’ll need to free it up. Tasks are simpler and more intuitive than ever with Avast Antivirus. Just press the Boost RAM button and all problems will be solved in seconds.

Privacy when accessing the internet with a VPN

Today, much of the content on the Internet is hidden because it does not fit the culture of some countries or is geographically restricted. Avast Antivirus has integrated VPN into its application and you can explore all the content you want. Moreover, your browsing activities and logs will not be recorded, IP address information and location will be hidden to create privacy. Rest assured of quality, because Avast Software does not intend to provide poor service.

Protect personal information

If you have some sensitive data like photos, video clips that you don’t want anyone to see, hide them and create a password with Photo Vault. If some apps like Messenger, Messages, Facebook or Wechat contain personal information and you don’t want anyone to access them without your consent, set a password with the App Lock feature. I think you have thought about it but haven’t found a solution. But now it’s quick and easy to use.

What nobody wants to happen is to have your phone stolen. Personal information can be uploaded to social networks, deleted or stolen for malicious purposes. Avast Antivirus is designed with an additional anti-theft feature to prevent possible losses. You can set the settings in the Anti-Theft section to automatically activate the PIN code to lock the device (it cannot be used until the correct PIN code is entered), to lock data changes on the SIM, and to turn on the Lost function. At this time, the volume becomes maximum, the alarm sounds continuously, and the camera will automatically take pictures of the thief. If you use the Cloud and have previously connected, you can access your Cloud and retrieve Media files, including captured photos and videos.