Auronn Play Saw Trap 1.0.19

Auronn plays Saw Trap is 2D adventure game played by the animated version of YouTuber Auronplay. Our character will have to take part in a bad game (similar) I saw movies), but with a humorous touch. Our mission is to help him get out of this situation without much trouble.

Assassination of Influencer Culture

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is that Auronplay is not the only one you can find since then other Spanish celebrities on social networksIbai, Laura Escanes, Cristinini or Grefg will also be there. They have all been abducted by criminals and Auronplay will work hard to free them.

Mechanics follows the basics of classic adventure games. So you have to Look for clues and objects in scenarios to solve puzzles and face different situations. The difference is that here we will find an infinite number of references to millennial culture and social networks, so the player must be aware of the latest trends to enjoy the full experience.

The famous YouTuber Auronn Play will be forced to play a dangerous game.

In summary, one of us to download the APK file pretty original and entertaining game especially recommended for YouTuber followers. The game is short, because if we are fast, it can be completed in less than an hour.