Armed Heist v2.4.301 MOD APK + OBB ( Immortality) Download

A bank shooting game takes place when you play the role of a robber Armed Robbery. Players will feel the authenticity of the game and find different challenges in each level. At the same time, you also know what you need to do to complete the level and collect many impressive rewards. They will give you access to different weapons.


Players will take on an entirely new role to spread evil and terror across multiple banks. You will participate in many heists in this location and collect what the game requires until the escape condition is met. At the same time, when many police officers appear in front of you, you can certainly guess that this task is quite difficult to complete. So you will have to defeat these characters to complete the objective of the level. The game is entirely focused on the experience of shooting when you are a pirate, and the player will control the character with the same buttons as in other games of the same genre. You can swipe on the left field to move, or tap the buttons to shoot or aim. Meanwhile, one feature that any player in Armed Heist will love is the ability to choose the control mechanism that suits your forehand. This allows the player to control the character in an entirely more flexible way.


In most of the levels in Armed Heist, you appear in a situation where a heist is taking place and you get the things you need. Then you will avoid the police chase. At the same time, players should pay attention to the fact that this character can take full advantage of any environmental factor. Therefore, the player can avoid the attack of the police and pull them back. You will have special preparations. You have the opportunity to prepare to respond to this attack, because you will control the character from a third-person point of view; while you hide behind certain objects, you have an overview of everything that is happening in front of you. Hiding behind other things or environmental elements is a feature of this game when it allows players to fully transform into the character. In addition, when you are hiding, you can adjust the angle of the gun before shooting.

This objective is completely convenient when you need time to refill ammo and continue fighting. You’ll also get yourself a health bar, and health loss will be minimized if you use what appears around you. At the same time, the destruction of enemies will take place in an instant and in multiple waves, similar to the rail shooter genre. When you see the specified item appear, go there and the events will continue until completion.


In Armed Heist, players will complete many different missions in the game and all of them have their own unique features. You will appear around and encounter the police. Sometimes you also need to pick up some necessary items on the left side of the screen. At the same time, another factor is that when you defeat many different police officers and reach the designated area, a getaway car will appear. Your job is simple, that is, to get into the car.

It will take some time for the car to reach you, and when it does, it’s time to end the game. You will face many different challenges and of course their rewards will increase over time. At the same time, you will have to collect a certain amount of money to spend in the game and increase your level. In addition, another equally impressive bonus is the chests that you can see before starting the game.


You won’t know what this chest is and all you have to do in the game is wait a while to open this chest. You can use rare resources to complete this operation immediately. Chests will have as many things as many resources in the game, and one thing that many players will be interested in is the number of cards of a particular weapon. From there you also get new weapons to use and upgrade them to your liking.

Everyone wants to encounter many different weapons and you have to open many different chests in the game. At the same time, having a new weapon is only the first stage of the challenge you have to overcome. The weapon you get in the game is only the basic form and you will unlock it over time. Get accessories to help you use this weapon more stably. In addition, you will use the number of cards needed to upgrade the weapon while securing the appropriate amount for Armed Heist.