Archero MOD 4.0.1 – Download for Android APK Free

The archer action game from Habby Archero has become a huge success and has already been downloaded 10 million times on Google Play. It’s a simple game where players have to go through the doors of different levels by aiming their automatic fire arcs and taking out every enemy in their path.

Become an invincible archer.

As with any game of this type, the level of difficulty increases and it will reach a point where managing progress becomes a real uphill battle. This aspect, along with the game’s success, makes it a juicy mod for mod creators.

In Archer God mode

Archero MOD is a modified version of the original game that allows players to progress through levels like butter. It doesn’t unlock all of the character’s abilities or give an infinite amount of money, however making him very resistant to attacks and increasing the amount of damage he can deal. That way, enemies will fall with just one hit while players go through each door without any problems. From that point on, you just wonder if it’s worth playing this way, or if it’s taking all the fun out of it.