APUS Launcher 3.10.62 – Download for Android APK Free

One of the biggest advantages for Android users is the ability to personalize various aspects of its performance, such as access to alternative applications or the visual aspect of the environment. And thanks to programs like this APUS Launcher – Hide Themes, Wallpapers, Upgrades, Programs.

More than 100 million users can not be mistaken

Its download numbers and reviews about APUS Launcher Made it one of the best launchers of 2018. Its constant evolution has led to the optimization of its activities, reducing its size, accelerating its activities and increasing its security. This increase in efficiency can be seen in its various features and functions:

  • Enhance our device’s acceleration function by freeing up RAM by simply touching a small circle.
  • Built-in search engine with the ability to find interesting games and applications on the web, as well as programs installed on the main page.
  • Hide apps you don’t use much or don’t want other users to see.
  • Personalize your phone with extensive HD themes updated weekly. They are of all kinds: movies, televisions, cartoons …
  • Choose one of the free wallpapers downloaded by different users and share your own wallpapers.
  • Organize the contents of your device through smart folders. Divide your application into categories.
  • Select your native language as the language to configure the program.

As you can see, this program Improves how Android works in three key aspects: optimization, personalization, and ease of use. You will be amazed at the benefits of using such a launcher, especially when you understand everything you can do by expanding the functions of the operating system.

Now that you know what APUS is for and what it can do, all you have to do is download the APK and continue installing it for it to work on your mobile device. Also, forget the rumors that this is a virus or any other type of malware, although we must admit that some people have had trouble deleting it in the past.