AnyDesk remote PC/Mac control 6.4.0

A few years ago, remote control of a computer was almost unthinkable, but thanks to mobile devices, it is now possible and very easy. AnyDesk remote PC / Mac management It is a program that we can use to remotely control a computer, regardless of Windows or macOS, and perform desktop operations from a smartphone or tablet.

To complete the connection via the computer ID you need to provide to the Android application, you just need to install the APK on your device and download the appropriate file to your computer.

How to easily manage your computer from AnyDesk or Android

The program comes with a a work environment that allows you to work comfortably from a mobile device and has all the programs, files and configurations of our computer, no matter where we are, provided we have an Internet connection. It is such a flexible program that it even allows you to edit images or text documents.

If you don’t know what AnyDesk is, we invite you to discover one of the best remote control apps for Android.

To make it so efficient, its developers worked hard to reduce the delay to less than 16 milliseconds. In turn, he did It is capable of transmitting 60 images per second, is much higher than most applications in this category.

Here are three key features that any user can find on AnyDesk for Android:

  • Security: The connection between the devices incorporates a security protocol similar to that used in online banking using a 2048-bit RSA exchange key.
  • Speed: works fast enough to perform operations such as video editing, image editing, computer control, online teamwork …
  • Free for personal use with licenses for commercial use.

Download the AnyDesk APK now and discover the benefits of working with this remote control program for PC and Mac and its impact on your productivity.

Updates to the latest version

  • New input method: send full sentences and emojis.
  • New button to send the tracking file through the active session.