Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting 0.9.7 for Android

Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting is a fast shooter that is a cover system game. There you will play one of the best soldiers in the world. Using mechanics similar to those popularized in major genres such as “Time Crisis”, your goal is to safely escape numerous battles against terrorists around the world.

The game in Anti-Terror Squad Shooting is simple. Your character will automatically move in different areas of the map, and your job is to target any enemy target and shoot mercilessly. To do this, you need to slide your finger around the screen and touch the button that looks like a bullet when the time comes. In Counterterrorism Group Shooting, each of the missions gives you three optional goals, and if you can complete them, you will be rewarded.

One of the best things about Anti-Terror Squad Shooting is its incredible graphics. They are much better than we are used to seeing in this genre and give the shoot incredible depth and intensity.

Antiterror Squad Shooting is definitely a must have for anyone looking for a new shooting game to play.