Among Us v2022.4.19 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android

Among Us (MOD APK, Menu / All Unlocked) is a fun game where people turn into detectives or cheaters in order to survive or eliminate others wisely.

Games that emphasize the interaction between players are often an opportunity for players to demonstrate communication skills or other factors. There are already many games with this content on a global scale, but it is still a widely discussed topic among us and has recently become the most popular trend on the Internet. Most likely, this game will appear on many different platforms, where players will demonstrate their ability to cheat, interact, investigate and cheat. The fun of the game mainly emphasizes the interaction between the players to increase the fun and excitement. Thus, each member of the session needs excellent detective skills to complete the objectives of the game. Between Us (MOD, Many Features)


Among Us mod apk is a simple game with favorite graphics and player friend to focus on communication between players. The game will provide a unique environment where players are members of an astronaut crew on a mission. However, there will be a scammer with a bad goal among them, and the rest of the players must find him before it all ends. The content of the game is simple, but players have to use many different factors to justify it, and they need the active interaction of other members to use the information. In addition to the objectives, the game will have many maps and other attractive features to entertain players and make the game more interesting. Between Us (MOD, Many Features)


There are two different teams in the game, The Crewmate and Impostor, and each team’s mission is different, which makes the game more exciting and intense each time. The first and most popular faction is Crewmate, a regular astronaut whose goal is to complete all missions and finish the game before being cut by Impostor. Each member has a different amount of work, but some features are shared, and they always cause the player to move on the map and interact with mini-games. Similarly, a crew member can complete tasks and there will be visual effects in the game to help crew members prove they are not fake. Between Us (MOD, Many Features)

Sabotage and stain everything like a forgery

Unlike Crew Companions, Counterfeiters have a special role and have the exact opposite purpose, such as destroying a map or killing all Crew Companions before being released from an air lock. Scammers are unable to complete tasks, so crew members can easily become suspicious and report immediately without any visual effects around them. Conversely, Scammers can move faster on the map thanks to the extensive built-in ventilation system, helping to escape after causing the scene. In addition, they can sabotage critical parts of the map, and within a limited time, Crew Companions must repair them before the entire map is destroyed or defeated. Between Us (MOD, Many Features)


The most striking feature of the game is discussed when the body is informed or someone presses the emergency button. During this time, everyone must provide information to prove their innocence, identify suspects, and remove Air Lock Scammers. Voting rules are important, and people can vote for whomever they want or skip voting. Thus, the person who gets the most votes will be removed from the map in the next stage. This is an important point for people to communicate with each other, although it is not possible to communicate normally. Between Us (MOD, Many Features)

Personalize your character with beautiful designs

Among Us mode always gives players interesting content such as maps, games and content, as well as character costumes. Players can easily personalize their character in the hall before the game begins, and the player can change the color, hat, costume and pet. Everything is rich and vibrant, and even players will have a chance to buy special costumes from international festivals.


The variety of maps between us is a significant change in the game, as each map has different interactions, including quests and provocations. However, all maps have one thing in common, a companion identification and tracking system. People can use these features to distinguish between friends and enemies, or find any abnormality. On the contrary, the scammers will have a wider range thanks to the ventilation design, which allows them to move around and finish without detecting a crew mate. Between Us (MOD, Many Features) Among Us is a fun game that can be played with friends and activates additional features, and always gives players new content on a regular basis. In addition, the game will constantly update new features for players to explore, where the proximity chat function or additional game modes are the most entertaining and creative. If you want to demonstrate your detective’s ability to lie or think, this game is where you come from.