Alight Motion v4.0.2 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked/XML Added) Download

Alight Motion is a professional video editing tool that focuses on motion design and animates each video from any untreated material. Its capabilities have depth and perfection for endless exploration by users, using all the potential with live creativity for every job, video or project. In addition, many special features or support will give users more ideas to create videos with exotic and unique concept.


When users first come to Alight Motion, it greets everyone with a professional, versatile, superior, perfect and reliable video editor. It’s also easy to learn and connect with all the tools and functions that come with it, helping people get used to things and start making their first videos. In addition, there will be many useful textbooks for everyone to understand each function or to anticipate each ability and more.

The size of the video editor also depends on the AIs installed in the system to help users get better accuracy when processing videos. It also makes the content and quality of each scene more subtle by influencing the animation or smoothing of each scene and the transition of the videos. Users can also freely personalize all of AI’s features and capabilities, making them flexible and tailored to each individual’s needs.


Color adjustment is usually the work of filters, but this software allows the user to change the color of individual objects directly throughout the video. Of course, they can apply as many filters as they want, thus directly changing the small details related to the overall colors. Surprisingly, AIs can automatically select the available area of ​​any part of the objects, so the user can change the color as desired.

The ability to change colors also introduces many new and modern features introduced by a small number of video editors. Fortunately, the application will have many suggestions for the proper use of colors based on the environment and color of the object. If they want to change the atmosphere or mood of any video in the segments of each video, depending on the goals previously set by the user, the color corrector will have the greatest role and effect they need.


Visual effects are exceptional additions that users should make full use of in Alight Motion. It has a large resource library with thousands of creative designs and styles, and can be extensively customized to suit each user’s ideas. Artificial intelligence will also be involved in the process of adjusting the effect and will make everything more subtle and flawless after adding each layer to the video.

All effects come from high-level animations, so users can import more personal resources to change them. In addition, thanks to several animation variations, you can change the transition or add new effects to make each segment more distinctive. Over time, the software will update many new visual effects with designs and creative ideas for users to add to the video.


The most prominent mechanism is to create movement with existing objects or images, to make everything more vivid and attractive. Fortunately, users can create completely new animations, regardless of their content, thanks to the built-in multi-layered multilayer. With each layer, users can copy, edit, and repeat each process so that each frame or its movement is smooth and fluid.

In addition to its multi-layered function, its blending mode is perfect and automates every process, allowing users to create new scenes or atmospheres. If the user has endless creativity, even using it is simple to adjust the colors and add a few extra moves for perfection. The mixed system will also have many advanced editing features that allow users to further explore their potential.


Choosing a video format before exporting is an important part of Alight Motion, as it supports many formats during import and export. Depending on the needs of the user, they can start showing all the videos according to their previous preferences. Again, they will have additional options for sharing directly with any platform or space. In addition, if the user chooses the standard format of the application, then it will be easier to edit when all the progress is saved to the original.

The splendor of Alight Motion is timeless, providing users with all the features, functions, and tools they need to create artistic, engaging, immersive, and eye-catching videos. In addition, it helps them create creative animations or improve some actions in videos to increase realism and bring new life to videos. In general, if you need a professional and easy-to-use video producer, the software will be an excellent and convenient choice.