Akinator the Genie FREE 8.4.1 for Android

Akinator the Genie FREE is the official program for the famous demon Akinator, who guesses what real or fictional character you are thinking.

In the beginning, the questions are quite general. ‘Is this a man?’, ‘Is he a fiction?’, ‘Is he in a movie?’ … As you answer more and more questions, Akinator gets closer to guessing who your character is. He may ask you about your character’s hair color, which cartoon series he played in, or what instrument he usually plays.

Akinator the Genie FREE requires an internet connection and if you do not have access to one, Akinator simply will not answer your questions.

In FREE Akinator the Genie, users can choose from several languages. This way you can play in different languages.

Akinator the Genie is a FREE entertaining game. It’s very easy to play, but it’s also a lot of fun. Can you imagine a character that Akinator doesn’t know?