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It’s called the game in the My Town series My City: Airport comes before the eyes of the player, offers the experience of learning what is happening at the airport. You will spend time exploring the elements inside this game. In addition, this game will always be close and different from the games in the series. So this is a fun world you should try.
My City: Airport.  Free airplane games for kids


When you encounter My Town: Airport, players will find a completely fascinating world with different elements and locations that you can find. This gives players a special interest in the process of discovering what they can do. At the same time, no factor clearly determines how to play in the game process, and in general, all factors depend on the player’s experience and creativity. Like many other games in the series, players will enter a 2D environment with characters with different characteristics. They play different roles in the airport of this game and give you a comfortable impression when it comes to any element. In addition, you can influence any element in this game as an open world, and you own it to decide what it will work for. Thus, each person’s experience there will often be different.
My City: Airport.  Free airplane games for kids


As mentioned above, you will take the time to discover what happened at My Town: Airport. It brings a world of fun with many things you can do by satisfying your curiosity. At the same time, since there are no prominent game elements, players will easily be able to decide any aspect of the game on their own. In addition, you can affect the surrounding elements with simple taps or slides. The characters in this game have one thing in common: they do not move and will always have a face that tries to make the player smile. So you can monitor any of their activities or change the location to where you want. In addition, although this is an airport-themed game, you will not control any elements related to the aircraft, but you will focus on discovering what these characters can do in this game.
My City: Airport.  Free airplane games for kids
With simple slides, players can perform the daily tasks that people do when they reach a certain place. It can be said that players will learn something about their creativity, especially at a younger age, to create a game that does not have many game restrictions. For example, they can withdraw money to buy a ticket or scan their belongings. Sometimes you can even find out what your luggage is carrying.


This is a completely large world with many different places where you can find it. The airport in this game is almost amazingly designed. Players will be able to do whatever they want with the characters in different places. For example, there will be places to change money, buy tickets and check in at the box office before boarding the plane. So, these places will be gradually discovered by the players and you will even learn how the airport works. Another interesting factor that we should pay attention to is that all these places have a special connection. In other words, they all have a specific structure, and each place has features that have many elements that can interact. So it’s hard to take your eyes off what these places have to offer. You can even get on a plane and learn what’s inside with different pilots and passengers.
My City: Airport.  Free airplane games for kids


When you play My Town: Airport, you will definitely spend a lot of time experiencing what you can do in this game. So it’s a long process and players can spend their free time experiencing it. Since the playback process is always remembered, it can be said that these experiments will be serialized. In addition, this game belongs to the My Town series, so sometimes those who have lived the previous game may have a transition to this game. If you have encountered this genre before, you will find intimacy within this game when you can do similar things. For example, you can change costumes for certain characters or prepare certain dishes for these characters. Almost every game has similar features, but they will have many different elements for players to explore.