AI Music Editor v1.6.10 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Moises: Al Music Editor introduces you to features and opens up the ability to create music with great sound that is no different from working in studios.


This is a program that allows you to freely create and improve your music. Create your own mashups or remix favorite songs of famous singers. This program is a perfect choice for everyone, suitable for many ages, especially those who are interested in music or as students, students, DJs, singers… Even those who like to sing karaoke can download this program to experience the best features. it brings application.

Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal / Instrument Cleaner Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal / Instrument Cleaner

In addition, it is now available in more than 175 countries, including Vietnam, and is a Vietnamese-language program to help music-loving Vietnamese people easily use it to realize their musical creative potential without having to worry about language restrictions.


Moises allows you to create new music, mix and match your favorite music with artificial intelligence. Do not hesitate to adjust the speed, tempo, volume, volume or low depending on the power of the mixer. In addition, you can separate instruments from videos or tracks and delete vocals from any song. Not only that, but this app is also amazing when it allows users to mix piano, drum, guitar … and many other instruments.

One of the attractive features of this feature is that it supports many formats such as video (M4V, M4R, FLV, MOV…) and audio (AAC, FLAC, WMA, AIFF…). If you enjoy karaoke, this is a great tool to help you create the right vocal mix, trim and sound range. Create support tracks for the song you want. In fact, it is a handy program for those who have a passion for music production and mixing.

Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal / Instrument Cleaner Moises: AI Music Editor + Vocal / Instrument Cleaner


With just a phone with an internet connection, you can rehearse and play music anywhere, anytime. This is a program by many leading experts in the field of music. All the sounds in the app are invested in a very professional way; In studios, you can freely create unlimited, engaging music without spending a lot of money, such as recording or mixing.

Users can automatically separate the sound, background music, download audio to the program, and then simply adjust the tempo, sound interval, music notes, and track to create the song. The sound is as spectacular as the vocals produced by professional producers.


First, you need to create your account to start participating in the application. To save time, you can register in the program via email or log in through your accounts, Facebook, Google, Zalo … In addition, the system also supports the Vietnamese language to help you use it easily. Two information elements will appear in front of your phone screen: Import from URL and application file.

There will be three functions provided by the producer, ie divided into two tracks, four tracks and five tracks. Each function will be different depending on the choice. Once selected, click the submit button and Moises will begin processing for you. This processing will not take long. Finally, you can click the download button in the Library section to download it to your computer. If you want to adjust the speed of the rhythmic sound, you will select the volume at the top of the screen; the two icons appear as instruments and vocals to check the sound quality.

The above are all the great features and benefits that the Moises app brings to users. You will be able to freely create music or remix your favorite songs in your own way, and you will not be wasted, especially when using this program. If you want to know more interesting things about this app, you can go to Google Play to join us to experience more new things and you will definitely not be disappointed.