Abstrrkt Explorers MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Abstrrkt Explorers is an empire-building game in the turn-based strategy subgenre that gives you the chance to grow and expand your own little territory. You will do this through technological and commercial development, as well as recruiting soldiers and strengthening defenses.

The gameplay in Abstrrkt Explorers is focused on moving around small maps made up of hexagonal tiles. You will be able to choose different points on the map where you want to perform actions (all actions have material and economic value). After you have marked all the actions you want to perform on your turn, you must click the “End Last Turn” button to perform them. When planning your moves, you’ll need to consider both the strength of your troops and their position on the battlefield, as the geographic features of the location can negatively affect the stats of those above them. In each part of the map, you will be able to perform one or another action depending on the resources in the environment. Also, you will be able to advance in various research projects to better develop your resources.

Abstrrkt Explorers can be used alone or online. In the single-player mode, you can participate in both a solo campaign and isolated games on the available 32 maps. If you decide to go online instead, you can play against users from all over the world.

Abstrrkt Explorers is the perfect Android adaptation of one of the most complex sub-genres in turn-based strategy. It even manages to protect its game and offers colorful and unique graphics.