ABC Runner MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

ABC Runner is a very fun, educational game that manages to challenge children’s minds in a playful way. In this game you will have to circle as fast as you can. However, reaching the finish line first will depend on how quickly you answer each question that appears.

You begin the ABC Runner gaming experience by customizing your character as you wish. For example, you can choose the name you want to use. After completing this first part, the race will begin. There will be other player-controlled characters with you who will try to beat you and win the race.

The controls in ABC Runner are very simple as your player moves by himself. But we need your help to answer the questions correctly. Each question will make you think (although you can feel a lot of adrenaline while doing it, because the top of the screen will show you the positions of your opponents in real time). So try to answer as soon as you can.

ABC Runner is a very fun game where you will have fun racing around laps with your player. But remember: answering quickly is the way to get to the finish line first.