101 Yüzbir Okey Plus 9.3.2

Okay a digital token game Similar to Rummikub, it is especially popular in Turkey. By downloading the APK file of this app, we can play all the games we want against players from all over the world or against our peers.

International okey matches

Fans popular board game okay can’t be missed 101 Yuzbir Okey Plus, a multiplayer game for smartphones where we can play multiplayer against tons of opponents online. This game follows the traditional rules but includes a simple tutorial for novice players.

It’s free!

The goal of the game place the parts with numbers on the board, forming groups of three or four pieces of the same number and different colors or stairs of the same color. Every time it is our turn, we will be able to move our master to become the champion.

Technically, it might not be very impressive, but if we just want to enjoy some okay games, this app great option. Also, we can invite our friends to play remotely and even talk through chat. And this is always an attractive option.